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hi! i'm kaitlyn.


one of my favorite things to ask people is "tell me 5 things I need to know about you today". i'm often intruigued by the 5 things that people choose. it gives me a glimpse into what's important in their life. so, to give you a glimpse into are my TOP 5. 


- i love stories. i love telling stories, i love listening to stories - made up stories, and real life stories. i love it because everyone has one...and i count it privilege when they trust me enough to tell me. 


- being an aunt is the best thing. ever. and, my niece and nephews are cuter than yours. 


- i for sure don't have it figured out...and i never will, but i am doing my best to follow Jesus. HE has changed my life, and offers me life that is unlike anything this world can offer me. i am reminded daily of my need for him, and so amazed that he gave his life for me...and you! 


- i secretly wish i was a really, really good dancer. (not so secretly if you catch me when i think i'm alone.)


- i eat peanut butter on my hot dogs. and so does my dad. 

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